"Arctonu blue light glasses were the first brand my dad introduced me to; since then, I have stuck with Arctonu. It has helped me through a lot of long hours of programming work, allowing me to have fewer migraines. And a plus, the glasses are stylish so I can wear them anywhere I go."
Justin BreuJer
"l have gotten used to the constant yellow vision, and I am just glad to know that my body will give out enough melatonin for a good night's sleep. They are also really comfortable on the face and an excellent fit. Being behind a small screen all day causes a lot of headaches and makes my eyes score, well, not anymore."
Simon Robben
"l am so happy that I bought them on the spur of the moment, and they have been very satisfying to use. With a flat nose bridge, finding the proper size becomes a hassle most of the time, so the shape I chose was a perfect fit for my face. One of the biggest deciding factors was the price of the blue light glasses. Compared with another website, this is far more affordable."
Spencer Selover
Super glasses "Seems like I sleep better as a result of wearing them from sundown."
Andrea Piacquadio
I truly believe these have reduced my insomnia! "I truly believe these have reduced my insomnia! I bought a second pair for a friend."
David Garrison

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